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We, Kinotech Corporation at Tokyo Japan, have invented a new Zinc Ingot manufacturing process (Zn purity 99.995% and over equivalent to LME Special High Grade) from EAF dust as a raw material in association with Dr. Hiroyuki MATSUURA Associate Professor, Department of Materials Engineering, School of Engineering, The university of Tokyo a subsidy from New Energy and Industrial Technology Department Organization, Japan (NEDO). Now, we are looking for a partner to help us develop our technology for commercial use and to develop a test plant. At present, our technology is still laboratory level, and a Bench scale test and a Pilot Plant test are necessary for commercialization.

The features of this technology are an anticipated high profitability from the use of raw materials that are cost-free (EAF dust are wastes according to the Basel Treaty) and a residue called Clinker used as Carburizer at EAF companies. To perfect this recycling technology to not cause a second waste discharge outside the factory is a goal of the KINOTECH PROCESS.

According to the report ‘Zinc Recovery from Electric Are Furnace (EAF) Dust – Worldwide Survey” by Larry Southwick P.E. for the International Lead and Zinc Study group, January 2015, EAF dust is generated in an amount of about 8,000,000 M/T per year in the world, of which 5,000,000 M/T are landfilled and 3,000,000 M/T are recycled. Considering the fact that Zn content in EAF dust is approximatively 15〜35%, we think the Kinotech Process will be one of promising technologies able to resolve EAF dust issues in the world. 

Kinotech Corporation

President   Shuji Mori

About us

Company Name  Kinotech Corporation

Established    April 4,2002

President     Shuji Mori

Capital      Japanese Yen 49,589,487

TEL        +81-080-2087-0769

Address      c/o Tax Office Fields ,5th floor ,Toyo Building-2 ,2-1-21 Nihonbashi ,Chuou-Ku , Tokyo, Japan

Bank      Mitsubishi- Tokyo -UFJ Bank, Akasakamitsuke Branch 

Shareholders   Management and Staffs , Realtech Fund

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